Colds in Post-COVID China

I am sick writing this. I got a cold, from my SO who also had a cold earlier this week. We’ve been sick with colds (I suspect that they are the dreaded Air Conditioner Colds, a popular theory that if you run your AC at night you will get sick) precisely twice since lockdown endedContinue reading “Colds in Post-COVID China”

Trip Report: Dunhuang

An oasis in the desert, the birthplace of Buddhism in China Our Trip to Dunhuang was in fact, the highlight of our short visit out west. 100F in the day, but cool at night, we dined on dates and other local foods while experiencing all that the desert had to offer Escaping Qinghai was aContinue reading “Trip Report: Dunhuang”

Trip Report: Qinghai

“You’ve come at a bad time, actually.” These were the first words I heard off the plane from my coworker who was living in the small capitol city of Xining that had, for the past month and a half, encouraged me to come out to the gorgeous province of Qinghai in order to view theContinue reading “Trip Report: Qinghai”

An American Abroad Part II – The Pandemic

I’ve given a few interviews about the pandemic as an expat abroad, mostly from podcasters and political activists who hope that getting some word across from China would change local policy. I really wasn’t sure what they wanted from me, the Chinese response to the pandemic was scattershot at best and there is no oneContinue reading “An American Abroad Part II – The Pandemic”