An American Abroad – Part I: Epidemic.

I think one thing I never realized, or identified with when I was stateside was that I was an American. Of course, you know this when you live there, when you make jokes about how awful your country is, or in relation to Canadians, but when you live abroad, it becomes a marker of yourContinue reading “An American Abroad – Part I: Epidemic.”

Calligraphy – Birthday Card

My little sister’s birthday is coming up soon so I thought I’d try this tutorial with my unruly “calligraphy ink” that often spots. I am also really obsessed with folding my own envelopes. So I am making a million excuses to send mail. Nib: EF66 BrauseInk: Martin’s Bombay India Ink (I will try to getContinue reading “Calligraphy – Birthday Card”